My country is the most beautiful one on earth. I am one of the luckiest men on this planet to being born in Haiti. No matter what gossiping one may choose to peddle over my country, I love it, I admire it, I adore it more than any others.  HAITI IS A BEAUTY.                                                                                                

I was born free not having to surrender my  CHARACTER and my sense of pride to anybody else. Black I am. This does not make me inferior or lesser than any of my counterparts. God made me like I am and He planted my umbilical chord IN HAITI for a purpose. I was taught in a certain way  to NOT  ever abase myself in any circumstances in front of anybody but to love, to cherish, to respect, not to offend ANY OF my fellow-citizens. I have learned that my forefathers came from Africa and by force they landed in this America of no return. They have forged and created a Nation under the worst unimaginable sufferings in the year of the Lord 1804, the greatest year in BLACK HISTORY.   

1804 brought me to the light of free consciousness which permits me today to proudly say that I am really somebody thanks to the sacrifices and the martyrdom of  Toussaint Louverture, of Jean-Jacques Dessalines, of Henri Christophe, of Alexandre Petion and of all others who confronted their masters on the fields and won highly the war of the Independence of this Great Nation in November 1803, thus a new Nation was born on January 1, 1804.

1804 was the year when the First Black Men of St.Domingue, America, said no to slavery. They pierced with their opened chests the barriers of ostracism, the bridges of Racial discrimination to elevate me to the heights of tasting the milk and honey of liberty when their machetes, their arrows, in spite of the machine guns of the French colons, the crosses to bear, made those conquerors trembled and surrendered for the  first time to the Scypions of the new Caribbean ordeal.

1804 was the time when the voices of these Titans were heard through the noises of arms through the Mahogany mountains and fields and rivers of St.Domingue echoing the sufferings of these poor Negroes enslaved days and nights in the sugar cane and cotton fields of the Indies through which Mother Africa would never hear again about them.

1804 was the path towards deliverance for those men, considered as animals, when God, the God of the children of Sham at last heard their cries in the wilderness from that infernal St.Domingue filled up with barbarism, crimes, hatred,  for their only sins to be Africans, Negroes...BLACKS...

1804 was the sound of the conch shell (LE LAMBI) that woke up the valleys up to the remote areas of Hispaniola through the Bahoruco in which  the word Liberty, sweet Liberty resounded having the meaning of hopes, of human dignity for all Negroes of America victims of harsh and shameful treatments ever done by the masters and colons by choking them down like things, beasts without rights.

1804 has opened a new page of history in America. It was the end of those calamities, of those miseries for all of us born here.

1804 was a call of triumph for all Tainos, all Indian souls of St.Domingue that were massacred by the Spaniards for their gold awaiting in their graves a voice which could liberate them from the abyss of eternal injustice from their oppressors whose crimes were silent by history. Now they may hear the crescendo hymns of their African Brothers and Sisters from HAITI singing loudly for them the  "Requiem Eternam dona eis Domine" where ever those  conquerors hid their bones, their Royal carcasses in the sands  of La Magua, of Higuey, of la Maguana,of le Xaragua, of le Marien...

1804 was the the year of Renaissance of a land where the grandchildren of Gaou Guinou the king of the Aradas saw for the first time the sunrise, the new Birth of a Nation, the new State of Conditions of a Great People who had suffered, pained, forced to hard labor for more than 300 years of abominations, of sufferings.

1804 has eliminated the years of painful dreams from 1502 to 1803 of the sons and daughters of the Congos, Nagos, Ibos, Fangs, Moundongs, Caplaous etc. coming from that far Africa enslaved in that infernal St.Domingue.

1804 has edited the  reality of the Haitian Negroes' dreams elevating them to Nations Builders instead of "slaves-animals"  bringing hope to all  others still in chains throughout this great AMERICA.  From the Horn of Africa to a continent called America they have created a Nation from the sweats of their foreheads, an all BLACK Nation that was born with a powerful meaning in the history of mankind. 

1804 has crowned the efforts of those "Marrons Inconnus" descending from lofty mountains, plains of St.Domingue with their conch shells to toll the sounds of Liberty for all around the world. The  first successful Black revolt of the world has transformed America in a continent in which liberty will flow for all children of God looking for a brighter future to being considered as human beings instead of animals or slaves of person.           

 On that year 1804 all Jericho's mountains have fallen and melted with the sands of the Caribbean beaches. The Seas at last have vomited the hidden and ferocious atrocities of the masters. The bones of all Negro children thrown over board of the slaves ships to the hungry sharks during the crossing have revived from the shadow of the valleys of death beneath the devouring ocean floors. 

1804 has awakened the whole world and shaken its foundation under the shadow of this Blue and Red Banner, symbol of the union of the BLACKS and MULATTOES of HAITI.  It has opened the roads of letting others know that Black men, Black Women, Mulattoes, Yellows, Reds, Whites whosoever you were, born in that St.Domingue or elsewhere, you may  inherit of God's deliverance. Life is sacred. Liberty is ours without restraints of prejudice, bigotry or else.

1804 was made for every human being in thirst of Justice, Equality and Liberty.

1804 was the open Catechism  for all Negroes who are still kept enslaved. It was there for them to know that "all men were created equal in the sight of God" and they are all children of God... 

1804 opened for the first time the mouths of the Latin American Men, Women, Children allowing them to sing loudly; "O libertad, dulce libertad" against their masters with great men like Miranda,  Simon Bolivar holding high the Blue and Red Flag newly created on May 18, 1803 by the Giants of Haiti up to the mountains, to the plains of South America liberating Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Chili, Ecuador, Bolivia...thanks to those sublime Haitians. O yes they were there!

1804 with its sons and daughters saw the rise of the Negro children (the African-Americans) of this Great United States of America grow up under the banner of 1776.

  From 1773 to 1780 we came here in this Great United States of America with the Count Charles Hector of Estaing. Those  Negroes of St.Domingue  (now Haitians) immortalized themselves on the plains of Savannah, Georgia, the heights of Alabama, the hills of Washington up to the depth of Louisiana fighting alongside of the great General George Washington  for the Independence of the United States of America shedding their Black Blood for a great cause. The Haitians were there.                                             

1804 with its children have tolled the bell in the ears of a Great African-American Man as the PREAMBLE of a marvelous DREAM of that Apostle of Peace and of Reconciliation in the person of Dr. MARTIN LUTHER KING Jr and many others in those days for their struggles in quest of liberty, their dignity and their Human rights opening the road of suppressing racism, racial discrimination, accepting the fate of Grandeur in death, risks and humiliations  within their Civil Rights cries through the walls of all over America beginning with Selma, ALABAMA which had seen the shedding of their blood on the streets, the biting of  dogs, dying without fear for their cause, and now inherited and reaped the fruits of their peaceful fights in the elevation of one of their sons BARACK OBAMA, the First African-American Man who sat at the desk of the Great George Washington, of Abraham Lincoln,  of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, of Lyndon B. Johnson, of Ronald Reagan, of William Jefferson Clinton, of George Walker Bush etc, as President of these great United States of America.   

1804 has covered  Hispaniola of its feathers when the Dominicans freely came to the doors of Santo Domingo with flowers hailing their new Haitian " Libertadores" begging them for protection against their former cruel Spanish rulers and that happened for a period of 24 years of Annum Deum. This is what History has hidden and failed to mention about the BLACK and POWERFUL EMPIRE of HAITI.  

1804 has given me everything poor Negro like I am who grew up under the harsh sun and storms of that tropical Republic of Haiti made only for me, forsaken by many others.  NEGRO I AM and I am not ashamed to be called like this. I am proud to be a HAITIAN NEGRO. We have given our names to a portion of human  history. I am a FREE MAN.

1804 was the altar built up with the ashes of our Forefathers who had made this unique sacrifice for everyone in thirst of Liberty, of Freedom in search of a place to live on this God-made planet. Our ancestors have paid the price in the martyrdom. They have shed their precious blood for all of us.

1804 is an Heritage, a Testament.  The Country now is ours without distinction of the skin color,origin, religion or race.   We have suffered together. We have drank the sour chalice of rejection, of racism all along our existence. Now we have written a Page in the History of mankind.  Our pride must lie on our long-suffering efforts to resist, to peacefully fight with honor to preserve it in order to be able to live in harmony with every good-will human being for our survival on this planet.  O Haiti, thou hath given so much to us. We love Thee beloved Mother.  

UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL.                                                                                          May the Lord richly bless all of us.                                                                                                     

(Dr. Jean-Renaud Guillaume, JD, D.TH.)

(Posted by Negibo d'Haiti).





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Notre équipe de la section des nouvelles a été très flattée de visiter le COIN DE CARL Fombrun de Miami et les belles rubriques sur les Haitiens d'outre-mer.

Nous avons été très surpris par un merveilleux article écrit par un de nos contemporains Monsieur Henry Delva au sujet de notre Pasteur dont voici la teneur:

Mon Cher Carl:

Si aujourd'hui j'ai choisi de parler de la vie et l'oeuvre magnanime qu'entreprend un homme d'une remarquable bonté et d'une bienveillance illimitée dont les actes de secours à l'endroit des nécessiteux est d'un caractère touchant, c'est parceque certaines actions pleines de grâce et de noblesse doivent être contées. Il s'agit du Pasteur Jean-Renaud Guillaume, Fondateur de l'Eglise "La Mission Chrétienne d'Haiti à Los Angeles" où le recueillement des fidèles dévoile cette paix du coeur que l'Eternel accorde à ceux qui ont réellement la Foi en lui.

Les sermons du Pasteur Renaud sont d'un language simple et profond où les messages de réconfort vont de pair avec l'aide octroyée à ces familles en détresse. Le Pasteur Jean-Renaud Guillaume est aussi très qualifié en matière d'immigration, ce qui profite aux Haitiens non-documentés qui assistent aux services religieux. A part son Doctorat en Théologie, il est le conseiller d'une grande partie de la communauté Haitienne sur un grand nombre de lois concernant La Sécurité Sociale et le droit des citoyens quant aux assurances qui couvrent les accidents et les cas d'infirmité prévus par l'Etat de la Californie.

Si je devais énumérer les qualités d'âme du Pasteur Jean-Renaud Guillaume, l'une d'entr'elles qui attire mon attention est sa façon discrète de repartir le peu qu'il possède aux moins favorisés du sort. A ma façon de comprendre le sens de la vie, je t'assure mon cher Carl, qu'il vit sa religion, pas seulement en la prêchant, mais aussi en la pratiquant, et quand tu viendras à Los Angeles, tu verras combien les visages tristes d'hier ont aujourdhui un sourire d'espoir inspirés par la Foi.

A très bientôt mon cher frère.

Henry Delva

(Posté par Henry Delva au coin de Carl à Miami, Florida)


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